Case Studies


Following a successful pilot, Skern Training and Skills delivered an apprentice behaviours programme for a government funded research facility. Apprentices were being asked to be review their own self-awareness, but due to limited life experience, found it difficult.


We provided the tools and support to encourage them to develop their confidence and speak out with ease. We added more weight to team dynamics as core content of their training programme with fantastic results. Each year, we made subtle but relevant changes to ensure the course moved with the times. These included the timing of course delivery, to better suit business needs. Following changes from frameworks to standards, we co-wrote a new learning journal, which embedded company and behavioural language, and further enhanced their programme.

Automotive Car Worker Mechanic


We have been working with automotive companies since the early 1990s and currently deliver an annual large-scale outdoor learning programme for newly formed apprentices. Over many years, we have co-created programmes to ensure our training programme’s effectiveness.


We work across various business sites on a consultative-basis to deliver programmes that focus on training at different levels, there are now level 3 and 5 apprentices working alongside one another, so our training ensures mature apprentices get their needs met, as well as those newly appointed. We take great care in sharing insight from reflection sessions, and ensuring any recommendations put forward are actioned with trackable results.


Skern Training and Skills was asked to design and deliver an annualised programme alongside the Learning and Development team in the business to support the competencies required in the first line management role. The course led candidates into an assessment of competence and supported them to secure promotion in a new role.


This programme ran for over 20 years and was written to develop self awareness, team management skills and leadership understanding. The content was co-written with the business to ensure relevance. It was facilitated and delivered by Skern staff through a week long residential course, which built confidence in the participants knowledge and behaviours culminating in an action plan that was shared back into the business.

Reasons to choose

Skern Training and Skills

  1. Detailed know ledge and experience of sector

  2. Flexible, adaptable and bespoke programme

  3. Professional passionate team

  4. Culture of learning – it’s what we do

When being introduced to a new department I can comfortably introduce myself and get to know my colleagues, and effectively build relationships and friendships with them.