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Our development programmes

Our learning approach, we start at the end

Our programmes are designed to address the learning outcomes you want to achieve. Our expert team will co-create a programme with you that is learner-centred, and incorporates feedback from the thousands of training sessions we have already delivered to ensure you get the very best results. Programmes are adapted in real-time to focus on every individual’s needs.


Through a programme of both exciting and learning-focused activities, real personal growth can be achieved. Our reflection sessions, development and leadership models are well-timed to fit throughout the programme and are matched with activity experiences. Every course participant will feel they have had a worthwhile learning experience, rather than sitting in a room being lectured to. It’s a truly immersive experience with everyone getting stuck in.

Levy funded apprenticeship development training

We are proud to be approved by the ESFA as a main provider of levy-funded apprenticeship development courses. EFSA’s behavioural standards are used as a backdrop to every programme, which often forms a part of the 20% off-the-job training requirement.

Team development

Whether you’re looking at developing your future management team or bringing a new group together to work on your next big project, we will design a programme for you that markedly improves performance. It’s true, teams take a while before they work together effectively. We can fast-track these stages and address any specific issues. Wherever your team are in their process of development, we focus your group on its collective goal and provide the springboard for more effective working relationships.

Leadership development

Leadership is a skill that needs to be learnt. Providing the right level of challenge to ensure that individuals are pushed to their full potential is something our skilled trainers can control in a supportive environment. Facilitated feedback provides the opportunity to grow and apply that learning back into the workplace.


We like to provide an ‘educational window’. Our job is to help a participant see the journey ahead by preparing mindsets for learning even before their training starts, and delivering a programme that helps them access the opportunities on the other side of that window. Our experiences provide practical opportunities to develop meta-skills on topics such as time management, presenting yourself and first impressions to others. Often undervalued, we know these basic skills play a big part in future career development, and we acknowledge these during the programme.

The self-awareness component of the course was highly valuable, with regards to the image I project to others in a group situation.

Our end to end service and what you can expect

Everything starts with you. One size does not fit all. Our expert trainers continuously review and adjust sessions and can create follow up courses to ensure lasting effectiveness.


High-quality preparation is a key component of a successful course. We like to meet our clients, assist in the preparation of pre-course communication and documentation such as agreed course content, ‘joining instructions’, medical/ dietary information and evaluation methods. We will also provide you with risk assessments needed to satisfy health and safety requirements.


We work with participants and your other stakeholders to ensure the programme reflects your learning intent, and is also adjusted as needed throughout. Many courses alter as needs change and this is easily managed through regular, direct liaison with our skilled delivery team.



Of course the end of the course is not the end of the learning. Indeed, you may argue this is the start of the real return on investment. Skern share evaluation data and any evidence of course outcomes quickly after each programme. We like to continue our customer dialogue to reflect and share our thoughts ensuring any learning gained or demonstrated is taken back to the workplace.

Follow up programmes

For many of our longstanding clients, our courses have become main components of long term training packages, progressing each year and gaining momentum as a fundamental part of business development. Lots of our clients invite us to their workplace for a follow-up day with participants to see how the action plans are progressing and to deliver a few activities to really anchor this.


A place to stay with fantastic food

Choose from our flagship site, Skern Lodge, in North Devon, set on England’s Adventure Coast; or a further nine centres nationwide through our partnership with Inspiring Learning, or alternatively we can come to you!

Reasons to choose

Skern Training and Skills

  1. Detailed know ledge and experience of sector

  2. Flexible, adaptable and bespoke programme

  3. Professional passionate team

  4. Culture of learning – it’s what we do

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