Bespoke programmes to support your Kickstarters.

Utilise your Kickstart funding to deliver tangible and timely benefits to your business, and valuable life skills for your team members.​


With our experiential approach to learning, we can work with you to develop programmes which build useful employability skills within your Kickstarters and deliver tangible outcomes back in the workplace. 

We encourage a focus on participants identifying confidence in their own abilities and showing courage to improve, as well as using communication skills, giving, receiving and understanding feedback, working with others and celebrating success for motivation.


How we help

Using our experience in designing and delivering to young people who are just out of education, early in
their work life or been out of work for a while, we:

  • Co-design a programme with you that is delivered early on to get the young people together for cohesiveness and consistent messaging

  •  Create a course which mitigates some of the challenges that the transition from unemployed and into work may present

Focused around two main areas:

Behavioural awareness of what’s is required at work; the desirable behaviours. Offering a boost to self esteem and confidence by highlighting what they are already good at and how to use these effectively at
work. Whilst also understanding what needs attention for further development and understanding why
that’s important.

Behavioural responsibility to develop confident, resilient individuals to be able to take responsibility
for their own learning, using skills of working alongside others to enhance their work prospects.

Contact us to find out more about our Kickstart programmes, delivered at our place or yours!

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