Transforming business performance, behaviours and leadership


Skern has been delivering excellence in its courses and services since 1976. With its name meaning 'safe harbour', we provide unique learning environments to develop individuals and teams from school leavers to senior leaders, delivered across the country. 

As an approved Main Apprenticeship provider we offer both end to end apprenticeships in a number of standards as well as behavioural programmes to up-skill existing apprentices from early career to Board level. 


In an ever-changing marketplace, we realise the importance of blending exceptional training with agile business needs. Our offers are built for the future of businesses, in partnership with employers, through highly skilled and passionate delivery, excellent learner management systems and an ability to adapt and communicate seamlessly with you.



Skern Training and Skills offers support to your organisation in designing, managing and delivering the best apprenticeship provision just the way you want it.

We pride ourselves in understanding the needs of the Apprentice alongside that of the business, whilst fully satisfying the requirements of ESFA and making the most of your levy contributions.   

We know that a well managed apprenticeship allows the learner to focus on their career path and the business to thrive on the energy and determination they demonstrate, ensuring their valuable talent is fully utilised. 

A very powerful learning experience, one of the best courses I have been on and so would highly recommend. It was great to feel supported whilst challenging myself. 




From school leavers to senior leaders, our programmes are built around you and designed to build the skills needed to get the very best from every individual.

Why us?

Everyone has the capacity to achieve extraordinary things, and for over 40 years our success in delivering world-class development programmes has centred on our deep understanding of the desired outcomes. Our programmes are shaped to deliver personal development benefits that have the greatest impact at both an individual and team level across all business sectors. It’s wonderful to see the progression and energy achieved by learning through activities in an outdoor environment. We love being part of that.

Why outdoors?

Outdoor training lends itself well to increasing behavioural awareness and often includes a focus on team working, leadership, presentation skills, positive working relationships, trust, giving feedback on performance, communication, body language, creative thinking… and more! Everyone leaves our sessions filled with enthusiasm, confidence and a sense of personal growth.


Each programme is tailor-made to incorporate your business ethos and concentrates on delivering tangible results, through our tireless care and personal attention - something our customer loyalty testifies to.


Choose from our flagship site, Skern Lodge, in North Devon, set on England’s Adventure Coast; or a further nine centres nationwide through our partnership with Inspiring Learning, or alternatively we can come to you!