Agriculture Apprenticeships

Agricultural apprenticeships provide learners with the right skills and knowledge to succeed in the agriculture industry, while providing employers with new talent equipped to effectively manage a range of farming operations and activities. These apprenticeships support learners from family farms to accelerate their learning in a methodical and managed way, and also provide opportunities for individuals with no links to the farming industry to begin a career in agriculture. For employers, agriculture apprenticeships help grow talent that understand individual farm needs and operations which can improve efficiency and performance. Whether learners are new to farming or experienced, our variety of apprenticeships provide learners of all levels with the skills they need to succeed.

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The benefits

Employer benefits

Apprenticeships allow employers to shape their workforce based on their specific needs. By providing targeted training and hands-on experience, employers can develop a team of skilled and competent workers who are aligned with their business goals.

  • Apprenticeships are accessible for all companies large or small, and are either part or fully funded.
  • Agriculture apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to equip your team with the right skills to manage operations at your farm
  • Attract the best team of workers – committed, and motivated individuals driven to build a career in agriculture
  • Elevate your farming business’s potential by providing your employees with tailor-made agriculture training programmes, structured learning outlets, and transferable skill sets.

Apprentice benefits

Apprenticeships offer a range of benefits for employees which can enhance their skills, career opportunities, and personal development.

  • You’ll gain valuable qualifications and skills while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.
  • You do not need a background in farming. Agriculture apprenticeships are a fantastic route to working in the industry and provide opportunities for people from all different backgrounds, including those with no links to the farming industry.
  • Our apprentice trainers are passionate about farming too, so you’ll be in great hands when it comes to learning about all areas of agriculture.
  • You will get plenty of work experience, solving problems in a real-world agriculture environment. This can really help you not only apply practical knowledge to your studies, but also prepare you for your future career.
  • Through your apprenticeship you will have a mentor who can guide and advise you, give you feedback and help you decide what are the best steps for advancing in your career.
  • You will benefit from a combination of workplace learning and classroom learning, and through STS your employer may opt to offer you an added value experiential learning course at one of our 12 training centres.

The facts


of the food we eat is provided by agriculture

500,000 people are employed by the agriculture industry, which is a key part of the food and drink sector


of the UK's land is managed by farmers and land managers

£11.2bn is the amount the agriculture industry contributes to the UK economy

Apprenticeship standards

The world of farming and agriculture relies on a committed and hands-on approach, with experience in the variety of scenarios that can crop up on a day-to-day basis needed to succeed. Farming apprenticeships are therefore a solid route into a career in agriculture, giving you the knowledge, tools, and training to tackle anything that’s thrown your way. Farming can be a hugely rewarding career, and an apprenticeship in this industry can give you the best start in it.

General farm worker apprenticeship

If you’d like to be able to turn your hand to anything on the farm, training to be a general farm worker via an apprenticeship is an important step to take. You’ll learn about the day to day running of a farm, and get involved with health and safety, biosecurity, maintaining crops, animal handling, and the maintenance of farm machinery.

Livestock technician apprenticeship

This apprenticeship focuses on livestock, with emphasis on managing the livestock related tasks on the farm, which include monitoring and managing animal health and welfare, and taking ownership of the process from conception and birth through to the end product.

Assistant farm manager apprenticeship

Learning how to support farm management gives you the skills you need to move into a range of farm or horticultural management positions, with this apprenticeship focusing on various elements of agriculture such as dairy, sheep, cattle, arable field-based vegetables, and energy crops.

The future of farming and agriculture rests on the next generation, and the responsibility lies with us to show them the ropes. Farmers and agriculturalists are the unsung heroes of British food production and land management, making the work we do in partnership with farmers to educate the next generation of farm workers and managers vital to the UK economy.

The best fit

An agriculture apprenticeship is a great fit for those who:

  • are passionate about the outdoors.
  • love the idea of a practical job and working outside everyday.
  • are practical and care for animal welfare.
  • are respectful of the environment, recognising the importance of safety procedures.

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Career opportunities

An agriculture apprenticeship provides the right skills and behaviours to work in a wide variety of roles, to name a few;

  • Farm worker
  • Crop manager
  • Agricultural engineer

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