Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

Leadership and management is crucial to all industries, and therefore apprenticeships in this field offer learners hugely valuable skills that they can apply to any role in any sector. For employers, investing in the development of leadership and management skills is vital for improving performance and future proofing their business. Leadership and Management is more than ensuring that the job gets done. It’s about inspiring others to get the job done well. Whether in a large or small organisation, good leadership and management can improve efficiency, morale and positively impact culture. This is a dynamic field of managing people and responsibility that is about good communication, teamwork and allows learners to customise their own path as a leader. Whether learners are new leaders and managers or experienced in the discipline, our variety of apprenticeships provide learners of all levels with the skills they need to succeed.

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The benefits

Employer benefits

Apprenticeships allow employers to shape their workforce based on their specific needs. By providing targeted training and hands-on experience, employers can develop a team of skilled and competent workers who are aligned with their business goals.

  • Apprenticeships are accessible for all companies large or small, and are either part or fully funded.
  • Leadership and Management apprenticeships are one of the most effective ways to develop the capabilities and boost the performance of managers and leaders.
  • Fill key skills gaps and identify developing talent in your organisation.
  • Apprenticeships support staff retention and could hold the key to sustainable employment and team longevity.
  • Attract the best team of workers – committed, and motivated individuals hungry to build a career in this exciting industry. 
  • Providing internal opportunities can benefit your work culture and provide a testament of strength and employee interest to your company. 
  • Elevate your business’s potential by providing your employees with tailor-made training programmes, structured learning outlets, and transferable skill sets.

Apprentice benefits

Apprenticeships offer a range of benefits for employees which can enhance their skills, career opportunities, and personal development.

  • You’ll gain valuable qualifications and skills while earning a salary and not paying tuition fees.
  • Leadership and management apprenticeships offer abundant opportunities for a varied and exciting career, you can work in any industry, and any size of company, public, private or not for profit.
  • The skills you will learn are by their very nature, are transferable and valued by many industries. Namely, leadership, teamwork, interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Leadership and management skills will help you progress to more senior roles faster, equipping you with the right attitude and approach to ensure innovative ideas from the bottom up are acknowledged and acted upon.
  • Through your apprenticeship you will have a mentor who can guide and advise you, give you feedback and help you decide what are the best steps for advancing in your career.
  • You will benefit from a combination of workplace learning and classroom learning, and through STS your employer may opt to offer you an added value experiential learning course at one of our 12 training centres.

The facts


Employees supervised by highly engaged leadership teams are 39% more likely to be engaged themselves


of UK employees lack the confidence to put ideas forward to employers


of managers say they didn’t receive any management training


of employees cite ‘lack of appreciation’ as a reason for quitting their job

The best fit

A leadership and management apprenticeship is a great fit for those who:

  • are sociable, confident and understanding.
  • are passionate about collaboration and teamwork.
  • have efficient time management and organisation skills.
  • are diplomatic, level-headed and listen effectively.

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Career opportunities

A leadership and management apprenticeship provides the right skills and behaviours to work in a wide variety of roles, to name a few;

  • Director
  • Manager
  • Team leader
  • Supervisor
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The Value of Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

The top five ways leadership and management apprenticeships will benefit your organisation.

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