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Are you looking to develop your future management team? We will design a programme for you that markedly improves performance.

We like to provide an ‘educational window’. Our job is to help a participant see the journey ahead by preparing mindsets for learning even before their training starts, and delivering a programme that helps them access the opportunities on the other side of that window.

Our experiences provide practical opportunities to develop meta-skills on topics such as time management, presenting yourself and first impressions to others. Often undervalued, we know these basic skills play a big part in future career development, and we acknowledge these during our programmes.

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Our approach

Leadership is a skill that needs to be learnt. Providing the right level of challenge to ensure that individuals are pushed to their full potential is something our skilled trainers can control in a supportive environment. Facilitated feedback provides the opportunity to grow and apply that learning back into the workplace.

The Facts

Only 48%

of employees view their company’s leadership as “high quality.”


of employees will quit after receiving inadequate appreciation from their managers.


of Millennials are concerned that their workplace does not develop their leadership skills.


of total annual sales are lost for every year a company delays leadership development.

Our expert team

Like many businesses, you’re only as good as your team. We are hugely proud to have the very best team of skilled experts who deliver consistent, high quality and professional training. Our approach is informal but meaningful and productive. Our success is based on quickly developing sound working relationships which creates a friendly and productive environment for learning.

Why outdoors?

Experiential learning lends itself well to increasing behavioural awareness and can include a focus on the development of a range of skills. It’s wonderful to see the progression and energy achieved by learning through activities in an outdoor environment. Everyone leaves our sessions filled with enthusiasm, confidence and a sense of personal growth. We love being part of that.

Experiential learning lends itself well to increasing behavioural awareness and can include a focus on the development of a range of skills:

Team working
Providing & receiving feedback
Leadership styles
Positive working relationships
Communication and Interpersonal skills
Problem solving

We can give an idea to Skern and they turn that idea into an engaging activity or workshop – that’s what’s fantastic about the team.

Case study
Case study

Skern Training and Skills was the perfect fit for M Group Services’ requirements.

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