Feedback from the recent Ofsted New Provider Monitoring Visit (NPMV) is a testament to our fantastic team

Feedback from the recent Ofsted New Provider Monitoring Visit (NPMV) is a testament to our fantastic team

We achieved ‘Reasonable Progress’ in all areas of our NPMV which signifies a great achievement for the team.

In April we welcomed Ofsted for a ‘New Provider Monitoring Visit’ (NPMV). The visit, which comes ahead of our first full inspection, applies to all newly funded training providers delivering level 2 to 5 apprenticeships. Ofsted were focussed on assessing three key themes: leadership, the quality and outcomes of our training and safeguarding. The inspectors consider how each of these themes impact apprentices and are looking for clear programme plans which have a positive impact on the apprentices’ learning.

How did STS score and what does this mean?

We achieved ‘Reasonable Progress’ in all areas of our NPMV. There are three categories – significant progress, reasonable progress, and insufficient progress. It is exceptionally rare for a new provider to attain ‘significant progress’ due to not yet having had sufficient time accumulating data to show the outcomes and career progression for learners – and thus ‘reasonable progress’ signifies a great achievement for the team, particularly in the context of COVID-19 disruption.

Alex Coyle, Head of Skern Training and Skills said, “We are delighted that our hard work developing Skern Training and Skills’ high quality provision over the last two years has been recognised by Ofsted. STS are seen by Ofsted as having leadership and governance already well established, able to recognise strengths and areas for improvement and being an outward looking organisation focussed on achieving excellence for learners and employers.

The employer engagement and additionality offered through STS’ experiential learning courses across all sectors has also been highlighted as a superb area of strength. STS are extremely proud to have received acknowledgement that it has built a concrete foundation for achieving high quality across all its apprenticeships and talent programmes and fully recognise this is down to the fantastic efforts of its superb staff team, learners, employers, and partnerships.”

Why is the NPMV so important?

The New Provider Monitoring Visit is the first visit from Ofsted and therefore it is hugely important for providers to demonstrate high quality delivery. The report that follows offers providers valuable feedback on the standard of their apprenticeship provision ahead of the full inspection.

Steve Randles, Education and Apprenticeship Manager at STS comments, “The NPMV rubber stamps our provision.  The Office for Standards in Education regulates educational establishments in England to ensure consistent standards are being met.  Receiving “reasonable progress” across all three areas demonstrates how our systems, processes and delivery meets the standard.”

Alex Coyle, Head of Skern Training and Skills adds: “This result really helps share the message that STS are delivering apprenticeships with integrity and making a genuine positive impact for learners and in turn supporting businesses to re-build post-pandemic from the ground up to grow and retain their talent.”

So, What are the key highlights from the report?


● Leaders have ensured that employers have been involved in shaping curriculum planning and implementation so that they fit around their business cycles.

● Trainers provide apprentices with thorough advice and guidance at the start of their programme.

● Trainers provide apprentices with prompt and constructive feedback during practical activities and on their written coursework.

● Board members have a good understanding of their responsibilities and already recognise the strengths of the provision and actions for improvement.

● Leaders have developed productive links with national and local organisations.


● Apprentices become valued employees that meet an employer’s expectations and who need minimal supervision.

● All apprentices benefit from similar experiences and high-quality teaching sessions.

● All trainers attend week-long, block-release training sessions for apprentices, during which trainers teach as a team, learn from each other and further develop their teaching skills.

● Trainers integrate learning about wider topics thoughtfully to enrich apprentices’ personal development.


● Designated safeguarding leads have appropriate knowledge and training to deal with any safeguarding issues that might arise.

● Leaders have designed the curriculum carefully so that apprentices develop their understanding of health and safety, first aid and safeguarding matters.

● Leaders have devised a post-COVID-19 curriculum that meets employers’ needs and which quickly enables apprentices to become invaluable members of staff.

How does this feedback inform the approach moving forward? What are the next steps?

Steve Randles, Education and Apprenticeship Manager at STS said, “The next steps are to continue the good work. The fantastic comments provide even more motivation to continue striving for excellence. The feedback has given the team well deserved confidence, we can now focus on refining our provision as we look ahead to the full inspection.”

You can view the full NPMV report here

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