STS trainers meet their newest Kingswood Apprentices

STS trainers meet their newest Kingswood Apprentices

This induction day gave Kingswood apprentices an overview of what to expect in the coming months.

On Monday 31st January 2022, the newest Kingswood Apprentices arrived at Overstrand Hall in Norfolk and were met by myself, Deb, the Outdoor Lead Trainer for STS, and our new team member, Outdoor Training Specialist Andy.

This induction day was designed to provide apprentices with an outline of their 14 month apprenticeship and to give them an understanding of the expectations between trainers and apprentices for the various elements of their learning moving forward. Another goal was to get to know one another; so the apprentices completed a range of team building activities. This was a great success - the afternoon was a buzz of noise, laughter and enjoyment!

Since this initial meeting, the apprentices have also achieved their Safeguarding Level 1 (alongside taking part in their outdoor first aid training) and had further tutorials from the Skern Apprentice Trainers Andy and Adam in relation to continuing professional development (CPD). Apprentices have been introduced to the various learning platforms and forums they will be using whilst on their apprenticeship.

The apprentices are now at their own centres, meeting their teams and settling in, with further training ahead, however the Skern Training Specialists and team would like to thank them for all their hard work so far and wish them lots of luck over the coming months in their apprenticeship.

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