The Value of Hospitality Apprenticeships

The Value of Hospitality Apprenticeships

A hospitality apprenticeship fills skills gaps between team members and raises standards across the board.

Many employees in the field of hospitality come straight out of education into a role that deals directly with customers and therefore represents the ‘face of the company’. It is therefore essential for hospitality staff to be equipped with the right skills and to have a good understanding of an organisation’s brand values so they can provide exceptional customer service.

Currently, the hospitality sector sees a high turnover of staff, and often this is due to staff lacking the right skill set to manage customers in a high-pressure environment. A hospitality apprenticeship can address this, creating buy-in from team members.  It’s seen as an investment in its people, offering professional development that helps staff feel confident in their abilities, which in turn supports staff retention.

A hospitality apprenticeship fills skills gaps between team members and raises standards across the board. With the apprenticeship levy fund, many organisations are now able to access long-term sustainable funding for apprenticeships, giving them the chance to invest in hospitality apprenticeships for new and existing team members.

Our Hospitality standards and how we can help

We work with employers to create bespoke training programmes that specifically address both the needs of your business and of your apprentices. We understand the knowledge, skills and behaviours required for an apprentice to excel within the sector, and our passionate and highly skilled training team offer one-to-one support throughout a programme.

We provide a range of hospitality apprenticeship standards including Level 2 Hospitality Team Member, Level 3 Hospitality Supervisor, and Level 4 Hospitality Manager. All programmes are typically 12 to 18 months and include specific modules that will shape apprentices’ development at their career stage.

Value adding courses

Each apprenticeship requires a portion of learning to be ‘off the job’. At Skern Training and Skills, we can cater to this need through our value-adding experiential learning programmes. We use the outdoors as a vehicle for learning to develop key behavioural skills, these courses can be hosted at a location of your choice or at one of our 10 activity centres located across the UK. The balance of practical, experiential, and work-based activities really embeds learning, ensuring the experience has a lasting positive impact on apprentices.

Our impact

The transformative impact of our programmes can also be accessed by other team members who will benefit from having a skilled, knowledgeable, and inspiring manager or colleague to learn from.

Apprenticeship Manager, Steve Randles, said: “It’s often the case that entire working environments improve with the addition of better trained and more skilled team members. At Skern Training and Skills, we work with apprentices’ on an individual level to ensure they get the right guidance and support to succeed. We’re proud that we’re able to offer value-adding experiential courses to complement apprenticeship programmes, as this can really elevate the learning experience with a significant positive impact back in the workplace.”

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