The Value of Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

The Value of Leadership and Management Apprenticeships

The top five ways leadership and management apprenticeships will benefit your organisation.

Gone are the days when you needed a degree to reach a senior management position. Apprenticeship programmes, similar to graduate programmes, offer organisations the possibility to create a training plan that is ‘fit for purpose’, bespoke to their business needs, and which ultimately nurtures future talent and improves their bottom line. According to government statistics, ‘78% of employers said apprenticeships helped them improve productivity’.*

An apprenticeship isn’t a second best option, they allow young people to ‘earn as they learn’, and the opportunity to gain valuable industry experience and expertise, so they are well-equipped for the working world. With the apprenticeship levy fund, many organisations are now able to access long-term sustainable funding for apprenticeships, giving them the chance to invest in Leadership and Management apprenticeships for new and existing team members.

How could your organisation benefit from Leadership and Management apprenticeships? Here are the top five ways:

1. Shape your organisation’s future leaders

Countless organisations have benefited from creating a more qualified and well-rounded leadership team, thanks to apprenticeship programmes. By working closely with organisations and effortlessly creating bespoke training programmes, Skern Training and Skills apprenticeships ensure future leaders and managers develop the right skills enabling them to contribute effectively to growth and productivity. Investing in Leadership and Management apprenticeships, such as, Team Leader or Supervisor Level 3 and Operations or Departmental Manager Level 5, organisations are future-proofing their management team and overall success of their business.

2.  Nurture greater innovation

Leadership and management apprenticeships are a key driver in embedding a culture of innovation in an organisation. Recruiting fresh talent onto an apprenticeship programme will create a pool of new ideas, which in turn encourages change; essential in today’s fast paced environment. Especially noticeable with the emerging talent from a digital generation really coming into their own as leaders of business. Throughout an apprenticeship, individuals are encouraged to develop creative thinking skills and strategies, enabling them to think outside of the box. A deeper understanding of technology from a younger generation can positively influence decision making and improve innovation in ways of working. There is also real value in diversity when it comes to understanding customers, and young leaders may provide the new solutions needed to resolve recurring challenges.

3.  Boost morale and employee longevity

Investing in the development of employees can have a really positive impact on morale within a workplace. Apprentices have an appetite for development, and when given that opportunity, they are likely to be more eager, motivated and loyal to an organisation. Skern Training and Skills specialise in developing apprenticeship programmes that embed your company values into learning for your future leaders. As part of their programme, apprenticeships will feel like they play an important role within the synergy of an organisation which nurtures their belief in the value of their input; encouraging employee longevity and an instinctive desire to be successful. Offering this type of development is also a signal to employees that they are valued which encourages retention; keeping valuable skills in the business.

4.  Upskill and reskill existing employees to grow a more successful team

Management apprenticeships offer an excellent, flexible and accessible route to upskilling by building the capacity of existing team members to drive significant business improvements. Notably more recently is the economic uncertainty faced by all sectors, which really highlights the importance of upskilling and reskilling teams to improve morale, productivity, and increase the bottom line. How does your team currently fair with skills such as decision making? Would your leaders know what to ask when making choices about the future? Many studies demonstrate the link between management practices, including making difficult decisions, and ultimately the success of a business. Not only that, investing in developing existing team members is extremely rewarding and often positively transforms existing cultures within a workplace.

5.  Seamless and effective ‘learning off the job’

Skern Training and Skills provide a knowledge-rich curriculum which is tailored to the development needs of your apprentices, whether new or existing. With the ‘learning off the job’ requirement, which accounts for 20% of an overall apprenticeship, Skern Training and Skills provides seamless opportunities to experiment practically through experiential learning at over ten adventure centres nationwide. Now this is where a significant amount of learning and development really happens. Learning focused activities, such as, leading the build of a raft to travel across a lake as part of a survival challenge, fully embed learning, creating unforgettable moments to recall throughout an apprentices career.  It’s the balance of practical and work-based learning that builds confidence and develops successful future leaders.  

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